Mr.  John  Darnell
Bellevue High School Principal
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Principal's Corner

Continued Growth for B.H.S. and B.M.S.

As we begin the 2016-17 school year, I want to remind all stakeholders that Bellevue High School continues to focus on continuously improving student achievement.  B.H.S. is proud of the growth our students have shown the past five years, and we are excited and committed to continue this growth.  We look forward to 2016-17 being another outstanding year of assisting our students to achieve at the highest levels.  We will continue to focus on five areas which support student achievement:

  • HIGH Academic, Behavioral, and Attendance EXPECTATIONS for all students 
  • SUPPORT of our excellent teaching staff
  • CONSISTENCY on discipline throughout the building
  • Building a strong PARENT SUPPORT and INVOLVEMENT system
  • Maintaining a POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE for everyone at Bellevue High School

This year we are striving to continue to grow in the area of student led teaching and learning activities that will help our students build critical 21st Century skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and problem solving.  We will continue provide any supports necessary to assist our students in being successful.  

One key to our continued growth is the development of a true middle school, which is held on the 3rd floor of B.H.S.  Another important step we are excited about is our partnership with Gateway Community and Technical College, which will provide the opportunity for many B.H.S. students to take college classes during the school day.       

This is going to be another fantastic year at B.H.S!  If there is ever a concern or issue, I invite you to contact me or visit me at school and we will discuss your concern.  I am committed to serving our students, teachers, parents and the community of Bellevue! 

Our belief at B.H.S. is "Together We Achieve!"