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Mr.  John  Darnell
Bellevue High School Principal
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Principal's Corner


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Bellevue Community,

The school year is finally underway, and our students, teachers, and staff are off to a great start.  Academically, our teachers are designing and delivering challenging lessons that require students to think.  Students are challenged on a daily basis to work through problems and questions in a way that promotes curiosity and inquisitiveness.  Teachers are actively engaging students in building a learning community that supports the growth of everyone in the room.

When your student comes home at night, please engage them in a conversation about what is going on in the classroom.  When I drop my own children off at school each morning I have each one of them tell me they will do three things that day: 1) I will try my best, 2) I will be a good listener, and 3) I will have fun!  While I am curious as to how they did on a spelling test or a math worksheet, having fun at school is far more important to me than a smily face on a sheet at paper.  I want my own children to be curious learners who value the process and struggle of learning more than they value a perfect score on a test.  This is my hope for your children as well.  If you had the chance to read about my values in the Bellevue Community News, this information is probably not new.  For those that didn't, I believe that every child is a priority, I believe that every child can succeed if given the right structures and supports, and I believe that teaching should spark passion, creativity, and imagination.

We are currently working on several great things that will have a positive impact on student learning.  The teachers are planning a unique learning lab that will allow students to be curious with their learning.  Students will have to use information from all subjects in order to complete design challenges and explain their thinking.  These are truly exciting times at Bellevue Middle/High School.  I look forward to this being a great year for both you and your student.  I'm excited to partner with you to make this an amazing year.

John Darnell